hydro [ C R O P ] monitor

An interactive visualization of a hydroponic farm.
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Corner Stalk is an urban farm that uses Freight Farm’s technology to produce year-round greens. All of their produce are grown in recycled shipping containers which create an extremely energy and water efficient environment. A year round growing season and dense planting allows maximum productivity from a dense urban footprint.

Using a Controlled Environment Agriculture farm, Boston area consumers are provided with fresh, locally grown leafy greens throughout the seasons. There are currently 5 growing units located on Eagle Hill in East Boston. Each container houses a particular crop species: strawberries, mushrooms, carrots, beats, and lemons!

Hydroponics ensures that these plants can grow in the best conditions for them. Corner Stalks monitors the most important parameters which make their crops happy.

Get to know the factors that affect plant growth by brushing the parallel coordinates on the left. Each color represents a different crop, and you can even filter and change the order of the axis, or filter through day and time if you'd like.

Of course, the beauty of data analysis is that graphic displays can answer questions about which plants grow particularly well in a controlled environment, as well as where to optimally place them, and so on. The premise behind the Self Organizing Map is to calculate the most efficient layout of crops if Corner Stalk were to use only one greenhouse with regions of varying climates, instead of 5 seperate containers.

Filter, then press the button to see it reiterate!

Thanks to D3 for making these visualizations possible!